Why You Should Consider a Business Loan Broker

March 5, 2024
Andrew Knowles

When you want to borrow money for your business, it helps to have a business loan broker on your side. They help you source the most cost-effective finance options that will meet your needs. They help with your application process. Most importantly, a good business loan broker knows the world of banks and corporate finance inside out, because they work in it daily. Their knowledge and experience can help you unlock the business loan that's right for you.

The risks of choosing the wrong business finance

You don't want to be trapped in an expensive and inflexible finance arrangement.

It's easy to approach a bank or other finance provider with a loan application. You fill in their online forms, they make a few checks and within days you could be their customer, with the money in your account.

But what if you've chosen the wrong form of finance? There are more options to choose from than ever before and you could find yourself tied into a finance agreement that's not ideal for your needs.

Choosing the wrong business finance could mean:

  • Higher monthly repayments.
  • Early repayment penalties.
  • Unexpected incidental costs.

Using a business loan broker helps you avoid being tied into finance agreements that will cost you more money and don't suit the needs of your business.

Benefits of using a business loan broker

Business finance has changed significantly over the last few years. Traditional lenders, such as banks, now operate alongside finance providers who offer many different forms of borrowing. There's been a huge increase in alternative finance products and financial technology tools, leading to significant competition between lenders.

A business loan broker understands your needs

Whatever your reason for wanting a business loan - whether it's to invest in a growth project or to cover a big payroll bill - an experienced broker will have heard that before. Our team at JD Capital have listened to countless business owners talk about why they want to borrow money. We've heard owners excited about their growth plans and others frustrated as a cashflow crisis threatens the company they've invested years into building.

Because we understand how important this finance is to you, and because we've helped business owners find the right funding for their situations, we're confident that we can help you.

Get expert advice and support

The best business loan broker does more than connect you with a potential funder. They provide a service that supports you through the entire application process, by providing expert guidance every step of the way.

Business owners aren't aware of all the finance options available to them because the type and variety of products on the market changes daily. As brokers, we're working on your behalf. You benefit from our market knowledge, often for free, because most fees and commissions are paid by the lender, not by you.

Flexible, affordable finance for your business

Fast, flexible funding to elevate your business.
Get the finance your business deserves.

Overcome problems accessing business loans

Because of their market knowledge and experience in arranging finance for other firms, a business loan broker can help you navigate more easily around potential problems in accessing additional working capital through a loan or similar arrangement.

Problems we help business owners overcome include:

  • Poor credit history
  • Lack of collateral
  • Refinancing

We can guide you as to which financial information and documents potential lenders will want to see.

Access the most cost-effective and flexible finance solutions

Because your business loan broker is working on your behalf, they should be seeking finance solutions with the lowest costs and most flexible terms that align with your circumstances and preferences. This means taking into account factors such as the interest rate on loans, along with associated fees and any early repayment costs.

Working with a broker is all about getting the cash you need at a price you can afford. That's your requirement and we help you achieve it.

Making finance simple for business owners

Business finance is often over-complicated with jargon and procedures that aren't always easy to follow. Some of this is due to the regulation of the market, which is for your protection, but some is simply unnecessary and unhelpful to business owners like you.

Part of our role, as a business loan broker, is to make finance simple and easy to understand. Our job is to help you improve your cashflow and support you on the path to sustainable growth. By choosing to work through a broker you're making an investment in the future of your business.  

We're a business loan broker you can rely on

We've helped many businesses like yours to raise the finance they need either to grow or to weather a cashflow crisis.

The finance we help companies to access includes:

  • Unsecured business loans
  • Secured business loans
  • Invoice finance
  • Asset finance
  • Recovery Loan Scheme funding

Our expert finance team relishes the challenge of problem solving when it comes to finding finance. Using our panel of over 250 lenders, who offer a wide range of finance solutions, our specialists work on your behalf to find a product that will suit your needs and fit your budget.

Let us help you find the best small business loan for you. Get in touch with us today.

Jamie Davies
Managing Director

As a founder of multiple businesses, Jamie believes that mindset, discipline and ambition are key drivers for success, both for his businesses and for his clients. 

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